Social Media Marketing- The Rising Social Media Power of

Sounds like a radio station- sort of.

Sounds like a formula for engineering sound.

But in reality, it is getting to be one of the standards of the social media world in content delivery. And THAT is a major power in helping accelerate your Branding efforts in the social media zone.

What IS

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Social Media Marketing- The Incredible Magnetic Power of New Information


What drives Social Media?

What is the REAL pulling power in the Connection with people regarding Social Marketing?


What is THE Magnet with people that draw them to you like  a magnet on steroids?


it is one of the most powerful assets that a business has and people are relentlessly looking for.


But not just ANY information.

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Social Media Marketing- The Evolving Power of Social Media Leadership





The Core Energy of any Success and achievement.

And also the Core of any Social Media Success.

That is what  Social Media Leadership is about - an evolving Leadership that in a powerful manner, will redefine the web and social media in general n the future.


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Social Media Marketing-Are You a Poser, Player, or Pioneer?



This was written by a great friend-and writer-Marco Carbajo. Enjoy!

Poser? Player? Pioneer?

I’m no expert in Social Media Marketing but it doesn’t take an expert to figure out Social Media Marketing. When you have excellent mentors and coaches you’re experience and learning curve improve dramatically.

I enjoy sharing with you my personal experiences in social media marketing and hope to provide you with some insight on how to best utlilize this amazing vehicle of conversational based marketing.

After seeing so many types of personalities and styles of social media marketers on the internet it inspired me to identify what the difference was between the great and not so great. While everyone is different in personality and we each have strengths and weaknesses there seems to be a common behavior pattern in social media that is not so different.

There are 4 distinct types of Social Media Marketers:

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Social Media Marketing- The Three Marketing Rules I learned in Las Vegas this Weekend


You know what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas?

Well…not much happening lately. I was there this weekend speaking at a convention and it was a ghost town-literally. No one was hardly there. I have been on the road for three weeks and this was a shock.

But while i was recovering from that shock, I had a great conversation with the Head Marketer at one of the hotels there about why Vegas is NOT happening as far as tourists and what can be done about it.

Enter- Taaa-daaaaa! 

Social media.

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Social Media Marketing-Brand New Free Ebook from Doug-”The New Rules of Home Business”

Business is business-whether traditional or non-traditional. Here is a Free ebook explaining the Transformation ocurring because of Social Media.

We all are looking for Success in many ways and in many forms.

Whether you have a traditional business, profession, or a non-traditional like a home business- it does not matter. Social Media is profoundly impacting the work process and dynamics in the marketplace.

I wanted to give you a gift that will help explain how Social Media and web 2.0 are changing the dynamics of business-in and out of the home- and how to take advantage of that.

This ebook is Free and I hope and pray that it is a blessing to you in all that you do. It does not matter if you have a home business or not- this ebook will open your eyes to the social media transformation that is occuring today in a very unique way.

By the way-have been on the road for the last week- and am in vegas now- so posts have been slim!

Here is the download link:

The New Rules of Home Business

Let me know what you think!

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