Social Media Marketing- Twitterless and UseQwitter-Who is Unfollowing You?



Do you know who has unfollowed you on twitter and why?

Most do not. Most folks have no clue who is following them, let alone who is UNfollowing them. 

Well, now our egos all can get bashed, trashed, and crashed with 2 twitter tools that will email you every time that someone UNfollows you on twitter.

How does that work?

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Social Media Marketing- Whats More Important -Content or Contacts in Social Media?

Content is what has been driving the internet for over 18 years.

It is all about great, usable content and we get that. But recently there have been a lot of folks on Social Media that are saying that it is your NUMBERS of  CONTACTS that matter.

The debate goes on and it appears that there are 2 sides to the question.

 Which one are YOU on?

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Social Media Marketing- The 10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing



I know.

Comparing THE 10 Commandments to Social Media could be considered a bit of a stretch as I am a HUGE fan of THE 10 Commandments from the Good Book.

But WHAT IF- you could take a look at Social Media marketing and say,“Ok, if there WERE 10 Commandments, what would they be?” And let’s get creative here, and see what we can come up with that would make sense to the masses. Now again, this is PURELY an exercise of social media creativity along with some heavy duty research, but lets see what we can come up with.

Our team has been researching the past 5 months over 250 popular social sites, which also included news and personal blog sites,  such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,  and many other sites that are too numerous to list here. We wanted to see what each were saying about Social Media. We have looked at the posts they have that were applicable, (most of them I have read before) and compared each post with commonalities of all of the rest of the posts on all the other sites.

We found some interesting things.

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Social Media Marketing- The 5 Reasons You Need to “Group UP” in Social Media



LinkedIN finally bit the bullet and created a groups search structure on their site and it has made a huge difference in the ability of being able to locate groups that are of interest to you.

Many sites, from facebook, to myspace, to stumbleupon have a great group structure and this has given the social media user a chance to do what we call “GROUP UP.”

Are you doing that?

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Social Media Marketing- The 2 Types of People in Social Media During a Recession


Which One are You?

There is much talk today about a “recession” and all that goes along with it. Just listen to the radio and watch TV, read the newspaper, and look on the internet.

But then, I do not really pay that much attention to any of those, as i know where I stand with this so called “recession.”

How about you?

Where do you stand?

How do you feel about it?

What are your plans for it?

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Social Media Marketing- The 5 Levels of Authority Found in Social Media



Lots of words flying around in the social media arena about Authority.

I have been seeing lots of posts lately all over the place about people that are “johhny come latelies” and making a splash on the social media sphere and bringing a huge list with them and then labeling themselves an “expert” and an “authority.”:

Some of these posts and tweets about these social media neophytes have been brutal, while some have been very honest. And to be realistic, some of the these social media neophytes have been blatantly in your face,  ”look at me” self promotional, and obviously it;s all about who they are and the numbers they have accumulated as “followers” and “friends” from their list and their friend’s list

Or is it?

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Social Media Marketing – The REST OF THE STORY on How to Become a “Social Media Expert” in 24 hours


He called back.

He called back again.

He called back once again.

This so called “Social Media Expert” from the previous blog post  I posted has now renamed himself. Amazing transformation. He sent me an email recently telling me that I had a “gift” waiting and needed to act NOW before 11:57 pm TONIGHT–or the offer would be CUT OFF –>   FOREVER.

Wow- that’s a long time.

Below is part of the LONG LONG LONG SALES PITCHING HIS REAR END OFF email: (WARNING: The ending revelations he gives about some folks will SHOCK YOU.)

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Social Media Marketing- How to Become an “Expert” in Social Media in 24 Hours or Less

“Hurry Hurry Hurry-Step Right UP! Step right this way!”

How do you become something that you may not even know what it is?

Or has yet to be matured as such?

Many people have done exactly that and I started thinking about the many arenas that are impacted by social media from corporate America, to entrepreneurs, to the family next door. And I thought that there should be an official  ”guideline” about becoming an “expert” in social media, and even a possible school that you may want to attend.

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Social Media Marketing- Facebook says They Do NOT want to Own Your Content



Seems to be quite a Controversy brewing here.


Here is facebooks’ response to this hot topic: (From the internet)

Facebook on Monday said it is not usurping users’ content despite changing service terms to claim “perpetual worldwide license” to anything posted at the social-networking website.

Changes to terms of service were necessary to keep in step with how people share pictures, comments and other information in the popular online community, according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“We wouldn’t share your information in a way you wouldn’t want,” Zuckerberg said in an online posting addressing concerns.

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Social Media Marketing- Content in Social Media is NOT King (or Queen)


Content is NOT king.

Hmmm…this may go against the grain with some folks.

But after 4 years in social media, I believe that I need to write this and get this off my chest.

There is a myth out in the social media zone, saying, “Content is king.”

That is not true.

If it were, there would be a HUGE amount of more articles and blogs and posts that the search engines would be indexing and showing in all of it’s search results…

But that is not really happening.


Because Content is NOT King (or Queen.)

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