Social Media Marketing- Social Media is Your Living Room

Welcome to my Living Room.


Was looking over the social-sphere today- and actually started thinking.

Yes- I do think. A Lot. And if you really are looking at Social Media as for what it really is- and meant to be-it is sort of like an online living room.

Think about it.

Social Media is about Conversation.  And Connection.

So is a living room.

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Social Media Marketing- The Balance Between Value and Volume

Social Media Marketing.

We know the drill.

Or so we think we do.

Get as many followers as you can.

Befriend as many people as you can.

Let people know how many view your videos.

And let people know that you are on over 400 social sites. Get as many people on your group as you can- and then email them daily. Get the numbers up-up-up! And then focus on MORE numbers- and do not worry about any Value that you need to bring to the table. It is all about NUMBERS and it you have them-you will do fine. THAT is how you market in social media- and you MUST follow the leaders that propose that- THEY know best!!!

Where is the Kool Aid?

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Social Media Marketing- Social Media MI Meetup- January 15th-2009!


What are you doing January 15th 2009? If you live in Michigan… 

You need to come the the Social Media Michigan MEET UP!

It will transform your life and social media efforts!Get the details HERESee you there as it will be AWESOME and educational! 



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Social Media Marketing- What Is Social Media and Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Let’s take a look at both.

Let’s put them in terms that will be easy to understnad.

Social Media is “internet real estate” that is a collection of internet sites that have social functions on the site that allow people to:

1) Communicate with each other.

2) Develop New Relationships and join communities like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and Myspace.

3) Connect with people with the same interests and discover many new ideas and possibilities.

4) Share their thoughts, pictures, videos and ideas.

5) Grow in a manner socially that they may have never had the chance to do before.

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Social Media Marketing- Rocking Your Twitter Profile with “Twitbacks”

It never ceases to amaze me- in a good way.

There are so many cool applications out there for Facebook, myspace, and twitter. There is one that I really like- and think you will if you have not heard of it.

It is called “Twitbacks.”

It is an application that works so you can design a background on twitter that really looks professional and also has a great opportunity for you to put some info about YOU on your twitter background.

Check it out.

You will like what you see, and I am sure that if you see the big picture- you will see that it is a great branding tool for you and your twitter marketing efforts.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Let Twitback Rock Your Twitter Profile

Social Media Marketing- I am Back- Was off For the Holidays!

We are back and better than ever- and have not even launched this Social Media Blogster blog yet. I want 100 posts before I do. we have about 92 now.

This week is the week that will happen!

We are already all over the search engines and have not yet submitted it!

THAT is a great start! Hope your 2009 is Rocking Hot!


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