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10 Secrets to Creating a LinkMagnet Tsunami




Gotta love that term.

I prefer another term and am preparing a course on it “LinkMagnet 101.”This is going to teach you in a simple non-geek way how to literally attract hundred of links a day to any site that you have- every time-with  a unique focus. Not hard to do at all, but does take some discipline and work. Many people in social marketing are looking for the ‘easy path” and I have news for you- there is no easy path to social marketing. It takes time and effort, but it will pay off huge if you do what needs to be done.

But there are three rules to creating a LinkMagnet before we go any further:

1) Your Focus for the Content – is the READER and is ALL ABOUT the Reader-NOT the link.

If the reader does not like what you wrote, he/she will not pass your post around or bookmark it.

2) The Content MUST be Valuable, Usable, or Emotional.

If not one of these three- not really magnetic for links.

3) The Content MUST be FRESH- either in the approach, topic, slant, usage, or idea.

Warmed over ideas and content do not seem to be magnetic for links either.

I have taken a look at hubdreds upon hundredsof blogs that are out there, and many have written a lot of incredible stuff that people read and love. But there are some of the posts that you will find all over and , as well as see virally marketed on the internet.

What happened and why are they different? What did they do?

I have been blessed to be in internet marketing for 11 years, marketing products online and making- well- a LOT of money. But I don’ t like to talk about that as YOUR money is more important. I have studied for 9 years what makes a message, post, or article a MAGNET for links and what made them go viral and explode.

Some folks have written masterpiece on the subject. Folks over at The list is long, because in 2006 and 2007 it was THE topic that people seemed to write about. Then it became less fashionable to write about. But still it is HOT in catalyzing people to come to your site. Whether it is “soft linkbait”- which drives traffic to your article but more organic- or ‘hard linkbait”- which gets on the front page of digg and reddit with a well planned out marketing effort online as well as offline- both work well if you are looking for visitors.

There are 10 things I have noticed that these “special” posts and articles have written in their subject matter. Yes, there is more to attracting links than the title- but it ALL starts with a title or headline that FORCES people to read your post. IT DRAWS YOU IN. One exception would be a KILLER picture that draws people into the post. Some of these headlines are are subtle, and others not so subtle. And there are reasons why they work so well.

The psychology behind Link Bait or LinkMagnets, is really interesting. People seem to LOVE certain structures and formulas in titles, as well as writing, seemingly more than others. And when you can write within that structure or formula, and catalyze action by the reader- you have a great chance of creating a lot of links quickly on your post or website.

Again there is more to it than the headline or subject matter- much more. But this is a primer post to help focus on what works as a magnet as subject matter.

What are the 10 types of headlines or content ideas that I have observed that create a linkbait result or a LinkMagnet Tsunami? (NOTE: There are many more, but these seem to work the best overall.)

  1. Give Multiple things (ebooks, urls, mp3s, discounts, etc) FREE in your article or post- that are of great value and usability to the reader.
  2. Create a List of “10 Secrets to…” that NO ONE has thought of to write about, and everyone thinks about.
  3. Ask a provocative question about a topic of today, and then take a VERY strong stand one way and challenge the other way to answer.
  4. Create a “Best of..” List that most people would love to have, and most people have never thought of writing.
  5. Give Extremely Valuable How To’s on a subject that People can Make Money with online-and quickly.
  6. Create a “Worst of…” list and make it about something that is rarely written about but a lot of people think about and want to read about.
  7. Give a “7 Questions most people don’t think of Asking…” when purchasing a certain big ticket item, and make them thought provoking, educational, and valuable to the potential consumer.
  8. Write a Post that is a Total Resource for something with dozens of recommended links, ebooks, videos, blogs, articles, and podcasts, to a hot topic of today.
  9. People operate in a fear of loss most of the time. Write a “The 7 Warnings You’ll Get before this happens…” and make it hard hitting. Warn them in the post of possible losses if something happens- or does not happen. Health articles and financial articles are great for this.
  10. Any post that tells a story that will stir the emotions into a near frenzy. Anger. Joy. Sadness. Thrill. Achievement. David vs Goliath. Impossible odds Victory. Kids. Little known Wisdom. The Underdog story. Whatever moves the heart and keeps it moving.

These are the type of posts headlines and articles that will draw links to your website or blog like a vacuum cleaner sucking dust. And these are just a small portion of the TON of ideas and secrets that create a LinkMagnet. It is an art- and there are many facets to it. We will cover more here at the

Start Practicing “LinkMagnet 101″ and see what you can do to start getting a LOT of links to your blog or site. That will increase dramatically the success of your social media marketing efforts.

Linda Barbara

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