Social Media Blogster started operation in 2008. With the motto of sharing and training, bringing new knowledge about Media and Marketing to the community.

In 10 years of operation, we have been developing a very strong community called Social Media Blogster.

Currently we are offering completely free courses to the community, you can refer to below:

  • Social Marketing course.
  • Media course.
  • Digital Marketing Course.
  • Video Editer.
  • Advertising video course.

Entering 2016, following the development of Team, we have developed advertising service, which helps many customers access to advertising services that they still think it is very very expensive. Not going against the original guidelines, we still provide the cheapest but best quality advertising service and production service on the market with the price we offer. And in 2016 the great joy came when we completed more than 50 types of promotional video production projects, including 15 low-cost advertising projects.

The team’s expansion began in early 2017 when we invested more in technology and capacity building. Providing additional motion graphics video production services and video Animation help diversify services and we are providing and catching up with the trend of the current Marketing market.

With advertising filming services being offered, we believe Social Media Blogster can provide all the services you need. And committed to being the leading advertising film production company in Vietnam.

With many years of experience in the field of advertising, advertising film production company Social Media Blogster is always the first choice for all customers. With competitive prices as advantages, we always bring more choices to customers. With many prices, customers can freely consider the investment amount as well as the effectiveness of the promotional film that we bring.

Currently we are providing some video production services in Vietnam.
You can refer to these services at: Phim tu gioi thieu doanh nghiep

With the continuous growth of the media and advertising industry, we always try to bring the best online marketing knowledge and courses. Therefore, Bigstarmedia is committed to providing a service to help students practice with the knowledge they have learned. One of the projects that we have successfully implemented in Vietnam, That is the communication project for a media company. If you are interested in this project, please refer to, with service: Làm Video Quảng Cáo.

This is a project in Vietnam worthy of consideration and reference.

finally bit the bullet and created a groups search structure on their site and it has made a huge difference in the ability of being able to locate groups that are of interest to you. Many sites, from , to , to have a great group structure and this has given the social media user a chance to do what we call “GROUP UP.” Are you doing that?  
One of the most confusing distinctions in the digital age of blurred and yet undefined lines is the differentiation of each separate direction of online marketing. If we can clearly understand the differences, it will also lead to the more efficient application of useful practices for each. Two aspects that are most often confused are content marketing and social media marketing. The two are so interrelated in their operation that...
The other night I received an email inviting me to attend a Social Marketing workshop. After reading this email and, no offense to Giovanni as I’m sure attendees will learn a lot, but the first thing I thought was – Social Marketing? Now we’ve got another name in the mix that’s basically a description of what “Public Relations” or “Integrated Communications” is when incorporating social web tactics. Here’s...
One of the most confusing distinctions in the digital age of blurred and yet undefined lines is the differentiation of each separate...
The other night I received an email inviting me to attend a Social Marketing workshop. After reading this email and, no offense...
Why do businesses need business introduction videos? Questions have been posed by many companies and businesses in many discussions in the company. How influential...
In the advertising world, 2018 is seen as a transition year for publishers and platforms. The almost complete shift of print media to digital also...

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